My tiny web 3.0 project

I questioned myself how I could learn about and contribute to web 3.0. I thought a small project connecting a non-internet device to the internet and add some service would be nice. As I live in a house with a brand new heating and solar system which is not connected at all this looks like a promissing candidate for such a project. As far as I know the optimizing of energy delivery and consumption is not possible in this system set-up like it is right now. Connecting both systems to the internet and adding a service could be a solution.

So, I decided to start with an analysis service first. I’d like to answer the question: How is the heating system and the solar system controlled? How much energy do the deliver, require, and consume?

Technically, I have to get some sensor data to the internet. Does not sound that complicated. Let’s see…

How to participtate in Web 3.0?

If you belive that almost every device is connected to the internet that gives very interesting applications. Just imagine all temperatur sensors in heating and air conditioning systems deliver always the current and local temperature…

So, I deceided to connect my heating and solar system to a web-service. My application is to log the data and to improve the energy efficiency and the hand-shake of the two systems. Let’s see how complicated this gets and how practicale this can be.